Generations For Peace utilises five vehicles for peace building, Sport, Art, Dialogue, Empowerment and, the topic of today, Advocacy.

For GFP, an Advocacy For Peace Programme (ADPP) is “an ongoing advocacy campaign or regular activities sustained over a period of months, through print or broadcast media, social media, rallies, marches, demonstrations, parades, or other means, to promote messages for behaviour change and conflict transformation.”

A great example of an ADPP is the one completed recently in Kathmandu, Nepal. This programme, which ran for six months, brought together 26 students holding conflicting political associations. During the ADPP, these college students attended interactive sessions focused on subjects including Youth Leadership, Peace Building, and Conflict Transformation. The goal of the ADPP was to foster increased acceptance, trust, and cooperation between the participants who are separated by their political affiliations.


After 90 hours of classroom based discussions coupled with advocacy-based activities, the students emerged with a heightened respect for political difference.

ADPP participant Maheshor Simkhada says, “Since, joining Generations For Peace I’ve been learning different things such as respecting the views of the other ADPP participants. To be specific I have learnt new ideas about the dangers of politics: the hurdles, pros and cons.


GFP Delegate, Helga Rana Rayamajhi, giving a speech at the ADPP closing ceremony, held on 4th January 2014

A big thank you to our Nepali Delegates and Pioneers for a job well done!