The 9th International Generations For Peace Amman Camp, which is one of our biggest events this year, will gather 70 newly-recruited Generations For Peace volunteers from eight countries across the MENA region (specifically: Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine, Tunisia, Yemen, and Jordan).

What will happen at the 2013 Amman Camp?

Through ten days of intensive training at the 2013 Amman Camp, the 70 carefully-selected Delegates will participate in dynamic sessions building their knowledge in how to lead social change and conflict transformation. Our unique curriculum includes sessions on conflict analysis, programme design, monitoring and evaluation, as well as facilitation and the training of others. The Delegates will practice using sport, arts, advocacy, dialogue and empowerment activities as tools to engage children, youth and adults to transform conflict and build peace

Who will be attending the 2013 Amman Camp?

Each of the 70 Delegates is a volunteer, active in their own communities and passionate about leading change to address local issues of conflict and violence. While the Delegates have diverse experiences, they each share a commitment to lead and cascade change to make a positive impact in their own contexts. Upon return home, the Delegates will continue to receive support and mentoring to design, implement and evaluate their own programmes promoting youth leadership, community empowerment, active tolerance and responsible citizenship

Please look out for discussion topics and session briefs to be posted here and on our various social media platforms throughout the Amman Camp.