Generations For Peace hosted the first-ever entirely online Amman Peace Talks under the theme “Peacebuilding amidst the Pandemic: Addressing the ‘Violence of Exclusion amidst COVID-19’”. Despite physical distancing measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event provided a unique online platform that brought together and amplified the voices of peacebuilders around the world.

Despite this particularly challenging year and lockdowns across the globe, youth leaders and volunteers managed to lead innovative efforts to create positive changes in their local communities. The Amman Peace Talks 2020 highlights nine particularly inspiring young peacebuilders and peace advocates from seven different countries to share their experiences regarding the challenges and opportunities of promoting peacebuilding and spreading hope amidst the pandemic.

Generations For Peace CEO Mark Clark highlighted the theme of this year’s Amman Peace Talks amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the idea behind the event hosted annually by GFP, the challenges of the pandemic to civic society, and the importance of upstream prevention

Generations For Peace President Dr Mohanned Arabiat shed light on the dangers of the “Violence of Exclusion”, how it has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and what GFP is doing to combat this phenomenon.



Generations For Peace volunteers and sisters Farah and Aya Mukhaimer from Jordan shared their experiences leading efforts to positively impact their local communities amidst lockdown measures while highlighting the importance of inclusive peace.



Generations For Peace volunteer Alpha Koroma from Sierra discussed the effects and dangers of the violence of exclusion he has seen firsthand in his local community and how it has been exacerbated by the pandemic.


Generations For Peace volunteer Jelani Othman, a Somali refugee living in Yemen, described how he escaped violence and conflict and went on to share hope and create positive change despite the pandemic.



International peace advocate Sofia Ramyar from Afghanistan highlighted the importance of sustainable peace, especially within the context of COVID-19.



Generations For Peace volunteer Ayman Saoudi from Lebanon shared how peacebuilding and volunteering has left a lasting impression on himself and why he continues to get involved to help his country.



French Filmmaker Zoe Fayaud discussed how she is advocating for peace by using her camera lens to empower youth and spread hope across the globe.



Photojournalist Mohammed Al-Qarala described his efforts to highlight and support marginalised groups in society using his own camera.



Generations For Peace volunteer Rickey Layfield from the Unites States of America highlighted the importance of achieving inner peace and offering tips to do so amidst the pandemic.

Thank you to OSMTH for their funding donation in support of this 2020 edition of Amman Peace Talks.