Another day, another summary!

Day two of the Amman Camp has come to an end – and what a day it was! We started the day with some content heavy sessions focusing on conflict, peace and peace building. Our Delegates were encouraged to draw a distinction between conflict and violence and to distinguish between the dimensions of conflict (personal, relational, cultural and structural).

The morning sessions, and the delicious meal that followed, left our Delegates saturated both mentally and physically. But they showed no signs of slowing down! In fact, they returned to the session hall after lunch singing “Generations For Peace” with wild enthusiasm. What a musical group our Delegates are – playing the Oud in the morning, and singing in the afternoon!

The afternoon sessions channelled the Delegates enthusiasm by asking them to be creative. Pioneer Facilitator Salwa asked the Delegates to act out the Generations For Peace vehicles for peace building: responsibility, acceptance, respect, trust and cooperation. The mimes they produced were outstanding!

The final session of the day was the Sport For Peace session. Sport is the peace building tool that Generations For Peace has been using since its inception – now our Delegates have seen what Generations For Peace can do, we are excited to see what they will do!