In December of 2015, the UN Security Council, under the visionary leadership of Jordan, made history by unanimously adopting the UN Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 2250. This ground-breaking resolution marks a significant milestone in recognising the immense value and positive impact that young people can have in fostering and maintaining peace and security.

Guided by this powerful resolution, Generations For Peace (GFP), a non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting peacebuilding, joined the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in its efforts to spearhead the youth, peace and security (YPS) Programme in Jordan. With a focus on the five key pillars of participation, protection, prevention, partnership, and disengagement and reintegration, this collaborative effort aims to showcase the tremendous potential of young people in promoting conflict transformation and building a lasting culture of peace in the region.

GFP is thrilled to share inspiring success stories from Jordan’s youth who have wholeheartedly embraced the YPS agenda. Through GFP’s unwavering support of youth-led initiatives, including intensive trainings on the YPS agenda and implementing a series of ongoing Advocacy For Peace training sessions, these incredible young people have become beacons of hope in their communities, demonstrating the critical importance of the UNSCR 2250 and its vital pillars.

Empowering Youth

When the youth of Amman and Balqa came together, they had a common goal: to empower their peers to participate more fully in civic society, and to create channels of collaboration between different entities in their communities. Through a series of advocacy events and community initiatives held in September 2022 to address local YPS priorities and needs, these young people developed a dialogue channel between youth, the Ministry of Youth (MoY), and other key community stakeholders. This new platform allows youth to engage in discussions about issues that matter to them, promoting equal access to opportunities and paving the way for a brighter future.

Commenting on the importance of such initiatives, YPS Youth Leader Sally Al Na’eem says, “As young people, we must create and invest in opportunities to combat unemployment. By investing in ourselves, we can create change and overcome challenging circumstances.”

One remarkable outcome is Podcast 2250, a youth-led project that uses the power of storytelling to raise awareness about the UNSCR 2250 resolution and its pillars. With a focus on YPS in the Jordanian context, civic engagement, and community mobilisation, this innovative podcast shares inspiring success stories from young people in Jordan who are making a real difference in their communities.

In the first episode, listeners were introduced to a young woman, Rahaf, who started the “Electronic Waste Bank” initiative, teaching women from Ash-Shunah al-Janubiyah how to manage waste effectively and generate income for themselves and their families. The initiative not only economically empowered women and girls but also helped them to develop new skills and knowledge that could be used to benefit their communities.

The second episode featured Ms Sanaa Abu Abbas, Director of the Amman Youth Directorate, who discussed the MoY’s programmes supporting the YPS agenda in Jordan. She also spoke about the challenges facing youth in such programmes and how the MoY works to solve them to encourage greater youth participation. Through thoughtful discussions and explorations of ways to advance the YPS agenda in Jordan, the second episode left listeners feeling empowered and inspired.

With plans to reach even more communities and spread awareness about the UNSCR 2250 resolution, the youth involved in this initiative are committed to sustaining their efforts and creating a brighter future for all. Through their dedication and hard work, they are proving that young people have the power to effect positive change in their communities and beyond.

Blazing Trails

In the south of Jordan, with the support of GFP, youth in Tafileh are taking charge of their future by tackling the issue of unemployment and exclusion from economic participation. Their initiative is not only innovative but also inclusive, as they invited key stakeholders to join them on a unique adventure.

The youth-led group organised a hiking trail in Dana, a stunning town with lush gardens and breathtaking nature. As they explored the tourist attraction, the young participants had the opportunity to connect with influential figures such as Kholoud Al-Jarba’a, the Director of Tafilah Tourism, Khaled Khawaldeh, the Director of the AlQadsiyah Youth Directorate, and members of the provincial council.

The event was not just a casual stroll in the park; it was a call to action. The youth proposed to enhance the role of young people in the tourism sector by equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to become local guides for tourists. By doing so, the youth believe they will create new opportunities for themselves and their peers as they gain economic participation in the growing tourism industry.

Ahmed Homran, a YPS Trainer who played a central role in this initiative, reflects on its success, “As a trainer from Tafileh, I had the advantage of being a familiar face to the youth, and I knew their needs. This was a very positive experience for me, with very positive feedback. As for the trainees, we created a circle of communication where they could share their knowledge as a group instead of individually to benefit their community. Now they can solve issues specific to their area, such as unemployment and transportation. GFP and YPS brought them together and connected them through teamwork,” he says.

Inspired by UNSCR 2250 and supported by GFP, the youth of Tafileh are blazing a trail towards a better future for themselves and their community.