Today is the first day of the 4th Generations For Peace Samsung Advanced Training in Amman, Jordan. As mentioned in a previous post, this is an opportunity for horizontal learning between the GFP volunteers from across 11 countries, as well as for GFP to learn from our volunteers working on the ground. Being the first day, a lot of focus was placed on the participants, our GFP Pioneers, and the exceptional programmes they have completed over the course of this year.

This volunteer-based focus began in session 3, entitled “Participants Programme Presentation”. During this session each of the country groups presented on their programmes: in particular, the conflicts they addressed, their target groups, the successes they achieved, and the challenges they faced. These presentations were then followed by a group discussion during which the participants provided feedback to each other based on certain aspects of the presentations.

A particularly interesting aspect presented during session 3, was the recurring emphasis placed on the advantages of using sport as an entry point to create intergroup contact. In almost all of the presentations, GFP volunteers highlighted the positive changes they saw in their communities following the successful implementation of a GFP Sport For Peace Programme. This reaffirms both the effectiveness of our sport-based approach and the quality of our Pioneers in implementing this approach.

The Pioneers studying the programme presentations during the

The Pioneers studying posters during the “Participants Programme Presentation”.

In session 4, the second half of the “Participants Programme Presentation”, Pioneers were asked to share the challenges they faced during the planning and implementation of their programmes, and collectively suggest ways these can be overcome in future programmes. The creativity of our volunteers really came forward during this session, and several interesting suggestions were made. Examples included the establishment of an online database to facilitate sharing of sport-based games, ways through which GFP can be marketed using social media, and ways to increase the number and quality of local GFP volunteers.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Advanced Training 2014.