The 9th International Generations For Peace Camp was closed today with a press conference.

At the start of the conference, His Royal Highness Prince Feisal bin Al Hussein granted a closing speech in which he reminded the Delegates that, “Each was selected because they had shown real potential and that burning passion to make a real difference.” His Royal Highness also reassured the Delegates stating that, “Our Delegates have established a vital mentoring relationship with our programmes team staff who will continue to support them in the challenging months ahead when they implement their programmes at home.”

After his speech, His Royal Highness and the Norwegian Ambassador, Mr Egil Thorsas, took questions from both the national media and our Delegates. Demonstrating their interest in the future of Generations For Peace, the Delegates asked insightful questions about the location of future camps, and the next steps for Generations For Peace overall.

We leave you with a quote by His Royal Highness which summarises how much Generations For Peace values its volunteers, “Every step along our path is lit by the fires of their passion to transform their community.”