By Clint Robert Niehus, Fundraising Specialist

A few months ago, GFP highlighted the ability of individuals to support peacebuilding through their own work. One innovative way that Salesforce team members Clément, Hidde, Judith, Kathrin and Hélène have been doing this is using their work volunteer hours to help us make our work more productive. We want to take this opportunity to express our continued gratitude for their support of our work, and to highlight the innovative steps that Judith has taken to support GFP.

Judith training for the Rotterdam Marathon by running in Wadi Rum during her time in Jordan

In addition to providing technical support, Judith chose to combine her passions for running and for peacebuilding by signing up to run the Rotterdam Marathon in honour of GFP. Her crowdfunding campaign collected $1,665 for GFP, and she has requested that Salesforce match that contribution.

Together, these donations would contribute over $3,000 to our work. Importantly, however, these contributions are made up of unrestricted funding, which as opposed to restricted funding (often secured through grants, which are specific to a particular project and often require a significant cost-share contribution, often 20%), allows us to fund projects and staff that are not often included in traditional donor funding models. Our longer-term continued growth requires that we continue to grow our unrestricted funding, which is especially important for funding our research, innovation, and organisational capacity development.

Unfortunately, the current global COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting lives, and has required the postponement of the Rotterdam marathon until October. Likewise, GFP is adapting and responding to changing needs of communities in light of COVID-19. Recognising the pinch that many non-profits are feeling during this time, Judith elected to donate the funds to GFP now, in advance of her running the marathon. She also decided to run a half-marathon by herself on 5th April, in recognition of the funding she has collected for GFP.

GFP is grateful for the continued support of Judith, Clément, Hidde, Kathrin and Hélène, and the whole Salesforce family. Their work also allows us to ask: what are you doing to support peacebuilding in your everyday work? If you have any ideas to share with us, please comment below.

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