Day two is over and how quickly time is flying by! After a brief review and preview it was back to the sessions, starting off with Expressions Of Change, Theory of Change, Target Groups and Beneficiary Community with Salwa Abdel Wahed. It was then time to discuss Key Stakeholders and Their Inputs, which was facilitated by Zahid Johnson. During this session, volunteers discussed who their key stakeholders are and the role they play in their own local GFP programmes.


Amani Al-Nsairat mentoring our Sudanese volunteers, Alaa Muntaser and Omer Ibrahim

Lunch was followed by a short session on Vehicles For Change, facilitated by Safiya Ibn Garba. This helped the volunteers to define and understand the use of the vehicles for peace building in order to achieve behavioural change.

Yesterday also hosted some memorable and entertaining Sport and Art For Peace sessions. These granted the volunteers an opportunity to express their creativity in various forms, whilst testing their acting and drawing skills! Divided into two groups, they attended both sessions, allowing them to compare the benefits of both approaches. The debriefs that followed both sessions enabled everyone to reflect on the activities, expressing their thoughts on what worked, what could be changed and to also recognise the expressions of change within the activities.

Last, but certainly not least, yesterday marked Sierra Leone’s National Day, during which our talented volunteers gave a heartwarming rendition of their national anthem. Make sure you head over to our Facebook page to watch their performance.


Left to right:  Alpha Koroma, Massah Kanu, Jane Peters and Steven Mansaray

We couldn’t let this day pass without an obligatory Photo of the Day, depicting an Arts For Peace session in action.


Now let’s see what day three has in store!