Today, as we celebrate our seventh anniversary, we are reminded of the great achievements and progress we have shared together:

Because of you, we are able to address ongoing issues of conflict and violence in 50 countries and territories in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Because of you, the programmes you have implemented have touched the lives of more than 215,000 children, youth and adults.

Because of you, we have also developed arts, advocacy, dialogue, and empowerment activities in addition to our sport-based approaches.

Because of you, our unique curriculum is constantly evolving to reflect your needs and your feedback.

Because of your continued hard work and support, we were ranked in the “Top 100 NGOs in the World” by the Global Journal.

Because of you we will continue to grow, helping to transform conflict and encourage peace building in more communities.

So from all of us here at the Generations For Peace Headquarters, thank you!