A few days back you met Matt, now meet his fellow Canadian, Elia Saikaly

What has been your favourite photography project/job/experience?
My favourite project experience is actually a tie. It’s a toss up between orchestrating an interactive learning experience for 130 schools on a journey to the top of the world – Mt. Everest where students followed the experience in real-time from their classrooms via social media and interactive technology that empowered them as change-makers in the world. The 2nd was an experiential learning expedition called the “The Garnier FindingLife Expeditions to Africa” where I facilitated an experience that saw 6 high school students travel outside of their lives in North America where they took part in a classroom building campaign and mountain climbing fundraiser in Kenya. They built 2 classrooms, climbed Mt. Kenya and the entire journey was broadcast in real-time to thousands of students across Canada.

Who has influenced you most in your life?
I have many heroes and role models in my life, but the man who had the greatest impact on me was a man named Ginaud Dupuis. He was a Canadian strongman who completely changed my life.
What are the first three words that spring to mind when you think of Generations For Peace?
Peace – Change – Impact
When and why did you become Interested in photography?
Filmmaking is my craft, it is my art, it is how I express myself and it is part of my calling. I use it as a tool to create positive change. It has become the vehicle and facilitator of experiences and relationships that I would have never had access to. From incredible adventures on Mt. Everest and the Amazon, to connecting with life inspiring NGO’s, Indigenous cultures, sporting events, musicians and limitless possibility bound only by imagination.
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