Our Impact


Generation For Peace programmes span 52 countries. We measure our impact with data-driven proof points using GFP’s robust data verification Ladder and we often witness the clearest evidence through the meaningful stories shared by our volunteers and participants.


Jordan  |  Macedonia  | Nigeria  | Sri Lanka  |  USA

Programme Data Verification


The ladder

The “ladder” describes the information we obtain to verify programme implementation and impact. The higher we reach with programme verification, the better because the data comes from more sources.

Due to resource constraints, we have reached level 8 (GFP Staff Field Visits) and level 9 (Field Visits by Scholars/Researchers engaged by the GFP Institute) for some programmes, and we plan to reach level 10 (Independent Field Research Evaluation) for one or two programmes per year.

Jordan  |  Macedonia  | Nigeria  | Sri Lanka  |  USA