Amman/Lausanne, July 12 2017 – FIVB President Dr. Ary S. Graça F⁰ and Generations For Peace (GFP) Founder and Chairman HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), as the FIVB looks to ensure that volleyball is used as a tool for positive social change all around the world.

The FIVB has long been committed to maximising the constructive impact volleyball can have in people’s lives, on and off the court, and the MoU with GFP is set to enhance this significantly. GFP is a leading global non-profit peace building organisation and the only peace-through-sport organisation officially recognised by the IOC. The NGO has extensive experience in developing and delivering sports programmes in communities experiencing conflict and using them to help teach participants tolerance and respect.

As part of the MoU, volleyball will be integrated into GFP’s Sport For Peace framework, which will benefit from the sport’s global popularity and accessibility. The FIVB’s VolleyballYourWay movement has already demonstrated around the world how volleyball can bring hope and joy to people in deprived communities and encourage them to live healthier lifestyles.

Speaking at the MoU signing which took place at the FIVB headquarters, President Graça praised the work of Generations For Peace and said he was already looking ahead to future opportunities where volleyball could promote positive social change:

“We are delighted to sign this MoU with Generations For Peace (GFP) and increase the collaboration between our two organisations. GFP aims to transform lives and inspire young leaders and the FIVB is fully supportive of the fantastic work that has been achieved over the last ten years.”

“Sport has unrivalled power in bringing people together and promoting positive, social change. As the governing body of one of the world’s most accessible and popular sports, we have a social responsibility to ensure we are maximising the positive impact volleyball can have on society. There are a number of ways that the FIVB can work together with GFP for the benefit of people all around the world and I am confident of a strong and beneficial alliance between our two institutions.”

HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein said that the agreement strengthened the future of both parties:

“Generations For Peace is constantly striving to reach more people and empowering young people to lead and drive sustainable change in communities experiencing conflict. Sport has a vital role to play in this regard and so we are very excited to partner with the FIVB and work together on integrating volleyball into our Sport For Peace activities. With the help and support of the FIVB, combining the universality and inclusiveness of VolleyballYourWay concept with our sport-for-peace experience in diverse conflict contexts around the world, we can explore pilot activities in several countries of shared interest and move closer to our goal of sustainable peace all over the world.”

As part of the MoU, the FIVB will also be able to draw from GFP’s world-leading expertise as GFP will support the FIVB in the delivery of technical workshops and capacity-building sessions for its staff and members. The FIVB and GFP will explore opportunities around FIVB’s major events including looking at fundraising programmes to raise additional funds to support FIVB and GFP projects. While the two organisations will also explore joint sponsorship efforts and provide mutual access to their respective Ambassadors Programmes.