24 May 2021 – Amman, Jordan: Generations For Peace and the Housing Bank have announced a new partnership in an effort to support and empower Jordanian youth to become leaders of change and create positive impact in their local communities.

The generous support of the Housing Bank comes at an important time, helping Generations For Peace to address and relieve the economic, social, and other challenges faced by youth across Jordan as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Housing Bank regularly seeks strategic partnerships with local civil society organisations that aim to support and improve Jordanian communities by implementing programmes and initiatives aimed at realising sustainable development. The Housing Bank was drawn to Generations For Peace because it is a global Jordanian NGO dedicated to sustainable conflict transformation. The only peace-through-sport organisation officially recognised by the International Olympic Committee, Generations For Peace uses sport, arts, advocacy, dialogue, and empowerment to bring about positive change and sustainable peace by training, mentoring, and supporting young generations at the grassroots level.

Ammar Al-Safadi, the Chief Executive Officer of the Housing Bank, commented, “This new partnership with Generations For Peace aims to serve our local communities in light of the challenging circumstances brought on by COVID-19. This is just one example of how the Housing Bank prioritises social responsibility. We are confident in the expertise and capability of Generations For Peace to work with our youth to identify and solve local needs. Now more than ever, the Housing Bank continues to practise our civic duty and support programmes throughout Jordan that aim to serve local communities.”

Dr Mohanned Arabiat, President of Generations For Peace, said, “Since the establishment of Generations For Peace in 2007, our mission has been to empower and equip Jordanian youth and refugees with the skills and support needed to lead positive change in their local communities. This partnership is just the first step towards a momentous and successful collaboration between Generations For Peace and the Housing Bank, led by our shared belief in the immense need to support youth, especially now amidst the pandemic. With the generous support of the Housing Bank, we will expand our programmes to engage and empower a greater number of youth to find solutions to local needs.”