Uniting with the world’s leading organisations, Generations For Peace will connect its grassroots peacebuilding expertise with the Coalition’s movement-building and advocacy efforts for greater impact

14 March 2019 – Amman, Jordan: Generations For Peace is pleased to announce that it has joined the Global Peacebuilding Coalition, a new alliance between the world’s leading peacebuilding and conflict resolutions organisations to make the case for peace to policymakers and the global public. At a moment when more countries are experiencing violent conflict than at any time in nearly three decades, the coalition seeks to reverse the rising shift away from peaceful approaches to the anticipation, management, and prevention of conflict.

Generations For Peace joins Global Peacebuilding Coalition as it takes exciting steps to launch initial global campaigns for peaceful responses to violent conflictand works toward the development of a long-term strategy. By seeking change in tandem at political, public, and policy levels, the coalition aims to unite global peacebuilders towards collective change goals, bring new and diverse audiences to the peacebuilding movement, and through the process, write a new narrative surrounding power and violent conflict.

Lauding the coalition and expressing admiration for the efforts to which it is committed, Generations For Peace President Dr. Mohanned Arabiat said, “We see that, globally, increased violence and increased polarisation are also prompting greater interest in peacebuilding approaches and ways to deal with differences at all levels. This is an opportunity to popularize peacebuilding, by sharing peacebuilding narratives which are relevant, meaningful and compelling. Generations For Peace is proud to join the Global Peacebuilding Coalition. By uniting our efforts, resources, and voices to advocate for a peaceful approach and response to violent conflict in a wide range of contexts, we will together leave a much greater impact than we could ever hope to achieve individually. Generations For Peace is committed to contribute or experience from nearly 12 years of excellence in youth-led peacebuilding and conflict transformation, and to connect our grass roots people-to-people peacebuilding with high level policy advocacy efforts for more systemic change. We look forward to playing our part alongside other leaders in the field to bring a lasting peace that can be sustained and passed on from this generation to the next.”

Madeline Rose, Director of Campaigns & Policy for the Global Peacebuilding Coalition, commented, “With the world facing historic levels of violence and rising geopolitical tension, the world must recommit to peace. We are thrilled that Generations For Peace, the leading Jordanian NGO, will bring its deep commitment to conflict transformation, strong network of local community leaders, and innovative and sustainable programming framework to this budding coalition. We look forward to working with and learning from the Generations for Peace and its global network to reduce global levels of violence and mobilize global solutions to advance sustainable peace.”

The other member organisations of the Global Peacebuilding Coalition include Alliance for Peacebuilding, American Friends Service Committee, Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, Conciliation Resources, European Peacebuilding Liaison Office, GPPAC Foundation, International Alert, Interpeace, PartnersGlobal, PAX, Peace Direct, Peace Nexus, Quaker United Nations Office, SaferWorld, and Search for Common Ground.