Generations-for-peace-AT15-Samsung-advanced-training-Group-Photo-2015-delegates25 November 2015 – Amman, Jordan: The fifth Generations For Peace Samsung Advanced Training concluded today in Amman, Jordan. The international training, held from 20-25 November, united 39 experienced Generations For Peace volunteers from 10 countries, who are leading change in their local communities.

The volunteers have all recently completed programmes in Ghana, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine, Republic of Macedonia, Nigeria, Tunisia and Uganda. The intensive training, delivered by Generations For Peace’s “home grown” Pioneer Facilitators, built on the volunteers’ experience and advanced their knowledge and skills in conflict transformation theory, facilitation, programme design, monitoring and evaluation and storytelling. The training also provided an extremely valuable opportunity for “horizontal learning” across different countries: sharing knowledge, success stories, challenges, lessons learned and best practices, to ensure the volunteers’ next cycle of programmes have even greater impact and sustainability.

Speaking at the official press conference, HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein, Founder and Chairman of Generations For Peace, said: “In this region, we are suffering from the downstream effects of the horrific violence in Syria. In Jordan and Lebanon, Generations For Peace volunteers are using the power and energy of team sport games and the creativity of art and role-plays to support refugee and host community youth to interact and build new relationships. These activities are helping refugees overcome trauma, isolation and fear. The activities build social cohesion, supporting refugees and host communities to work together, building resilience and reducing the risk of violence.

AT15-Generations-For-Peace-Advanced-Training-Samsung-2015“As well as managing the downstream impacts of violence and displacement, we must also work upstream to address the causes of violence. This is a conflict between moderates and extremists; between respect for diversity and prejudiced intolerance; between dialogue and violence. Generations For Peace programmes around the world are fostering greater tolerance and respect for diversity. They are giving youth the opportunities for leadership, significance, autonomy in decision-making; and a sense of belonging to a positive peer group and collective effort delivering concrete impact in their community.”

Commenting on Samsung’s long-standing partnership with Generations For Peace, Mr Fadi Awni Abu Shamat, Head of Corporate Marketing and Retail for Samsung Electronics Levant Company, said: “There is an ongoing need to empower youth to build bridges and promote peace in communities affected by conflict and violence. For strong business sustainability, we know that we must play our part. Samsung is pleased to support volunteers who continue to drive social change, demonstrating youth leadership, community empowerment, active tolerance and responsible citizenship. Samsung is especially proud that Generations For Peace is gaining global recognition for its success and is now ranked 32nd in the ‘Top 500 NGOs in the World’ by Global Geneva.”

The training concluded with the Samsung Generations For Peace Awards. The awards, presented by HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein and Mr Fadi Awni Abu Shamat, recognise outstanding accomplishments in four “Drivers of Change” categories: innovation, quality, impact and sustainability. The Innovation Award was presented to volunteers from Batken, Kyrgyzstan for the Isfana Art For Peace Programme; the Quality Award was presented to volunteers implementing a Sport for Peace Programme for Children in Tetevo, Republic of Macedonia; the Impact Award was presented to volunteers from Accra, Ghana for the “Catch Them Young” Programme, and the Sustainability Award was presented to volunteers implementing the Violence in Schools Programme in Tulkarem, Palestine.

Samsung, the title sponsor for the annual training, has supported Generations For Peace since 2008. The training is also supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Generations For Peace’s partner across the MENA Region.