16 April 2017 – Amman/Jordan: Today marks the tenth anniversary of the founding of Generations For Peace. Beginning as a peace-through-sport pilot initiative of the Jordan Olympic Committee in 2007, Generations For Peace has grown rapidly in the last 10 years to be ranked 34 in the Top 500 NGOs in the World. Promoting the peace-building heritage and values of Jordan in communities across the Kingdom and a total of 50 countries world-wide, Generations For Peace tackles local issues of conflict and violence, by training, mentoring and supporting volunteers to lead grassroots activities promoting youth leadership, active tolerance, and responsible citizenship.generations-for-peace-10th-anniversary

Marking the anniversary, HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein, Co-founder and Chairman, gave the following special message:

“My late father, HM King Hussein, was a passionate advocate for peace. My brother, HM King Abdullah II, continues to carry that peace-building legacy, ensuring Jordan plays its part in passing on a more peaceful world to the next generations. Through His Majesty’s guidance, directive and support, I am continuously aiming to be a positive influence in spreading the message of peace across the world.

Generations For Peace was inspired by two important beliefs: that we will fail to build a more peaceful world for the next generation if our current generation is not directly engaged and provided with the ability to influence the future of their communities; and that we need simple tools for engagement that are accessible to entire communities in order to do so.

When Generations For Peace was founded our vision was to harness the dynamic energy of grassroots sport as an effective entry point to engage youth, and as a powerful vehicle for education and sustainable behaviour change. With immense support, Generations For Peace has grown fast in response to growing demand, and we have adapted and expanded our peace-building model to encompass a variety of approaches, using sport, arts, advocacy, dialogue and economic empowerment activities, to transform conflict and reduce violence.

The last 10 years have been an extraordinary journey, building an effective organisation focused on providing youth leaders in communities with the tools, mentoring and support they need to turn their own passion into positive igenerations-for-peac-at16-dead-sea-d5mpact within their own communities. It has also been a tremendous learning journey, testing and evaluating and refining our model to have ever-greater impact. Our consistent ranking within the top 35 NGOs in the World for the last three years is a testament to how far we have come.

The credit belongs to our incredible Generations For Peace Pioneers around the world. I am inspired each day by their extraordinary commitment and achievements in the face of tough challenges in very difficult environments.

Since 2007, we have seen bewildering changes around the world, specifically in the rise of violent extremism. More than ever, values of active tolerance, acceptance, inclusiveness and respect for diversity are under threat. Movements to undermine these values are a real and present danger to sustainable peace. In an increasingly complex, inter-connected, globalised world, we must promote these values and strengthen the capacities, trust and resilience needed to transform conflict and build sustainable peace.

Each day, each week, in their communities, our Pioneers demonstrate the values of Generations For Peace and pass them on, from generation to generation. Their commitment and achievements are an example for us all to follow. Our journey to support them continues with the goal to build a better and more peaceful world for generations to come.”