24 October 2017 – Amman, Jordan: Saturday, 21st October marks the launch of the Generations For Peace annual Samsung Advanced Training. The five days’ training unites volunteers from around the world to exchange their experiences and challenges in peacebuilding efforts. Taking place at the Dead Sea, the training will enable volunteers to share their diverse backgrounds, success stories and best practices, as well as challenges they faced and lessons learnt across different Generations For Peace programmes around the world.

This year, volunteers from nine different countries will attend a series of lectures and participate in activities to equip them with the latest techniques in peacebuilding and conflict resolution. Training sessions are delivered by “home grown” Pioneer Facilitators, who are amongst the most experienced volunteers in the Generations For Peace global movement.

During the past year, Generations For Peace volunteers have trained 10,536 participants both locally in Jordan and on a global scale. At Samsung Advanced Training, volunteers have the space they need to exchange and gain knowledge amongst a culture of community change-makers.

HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein, Founder and Chairman of Generations For Peace, said: “What is unique about the event is that it combines ‘vertical’ and ‘horizontal’ learning for maximum effect. The vertical learning provides new peace-building curriculum content, taking knowledge and skills to a more advanced level, based on latest research. More important, however, is the horizontal learning experience that occurs when volunteers interact, share their experiences and listen to the journeys of their fellow peers. This is the power of our international community of volunteer peace builders, and the core of our work.”

The Samsung Advanced Training brings together Generations For Peace volunteers from Ghana, Jordan, Lebanon, Nigeria, Palestine, Republic of Macedonia, South Sudan, Tunisia and Zimbabwe. The new content includes sessions about advocacy, storytelling narratives, monitoring and evaluation of impact, dialogue, life skills, child protection, leadership, the Sustainable Development Goals, in addition to practice of sport for peace and arts for peace activities. The Advanced Training also gives delegates a chance to feel part of the Generations For Peace community and to catch-up with fellow volunteers as well as those who helped them build their volunteer journey from the Generations For Peace headquarters.