8th October 2017 – Amman, Jordan: Generations For Peace an AIESEC Jordan have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on creating internship opportunities for students while expanding the pool of talent for Generations For Peace.

Through this partnership, Generations For Peace aims to provide learning opportunities that stimulate growth for AIESEC participants and build the knowledge transfer between two exceptional organisations that share similar visions of the future. AIESEC and Generations For Peace believe in the importance of informed youth leadership and both organisations continuously seek to provide different learning opportunities that encourage the notion of global citizenship and social responsibility.

AIESEC Jordan President, Aseel Badran spoke of the positive benefits of the partnership saying, “What is particularly exciting about this new partnership is that it provides the Jordanian youth with a unique opportunity to expand their knowledge and capabilities through working with a home-grown organisation with international reach; this gives them a chance to experience volunteerism as well as working with a non-governmental organisation which allows them to make more informed decisions on the careers they wish to later pursue.”

Mark Clark, CEO of Generations For Peace said, “This summer, Generations For Peace hosted six international AIESEC interns from The Netherlands, working in different departments with our headquarters team here in Amman. They proved extremely useful and helped to accelerate our work in different projects, whilst also having a very valuable learning experience and immersion in the local culture in Jordan. This collaboration with AIESEC Jordan builds on that success and is a ‘win-win’, providing great opportunities for AIESEC students to work with Generations For Peace, gaining professional knowledge and experience with Jordan’s top-ranked NGO, whilst genuinely providing an excellent contribution to our success and impact in Jordan and around the world.”

AIESEC is a unique membership platform that encourages informed youth leadership across the world through internships and volunteer opportunities. AIESEC provides its members with exclusive learning experiences in partnership with different entities around the world, these experiences allow the youth of AIESEC to expand their skillset and introduces them to a cross-cultural involvement that will embellish their leadership skills and allow them to reach their potential.

Generations For Peace hosts approximately 12 interns each year in different departments at its global headquarters in Amman. The interns are selected from different networks on varying lengths of internship ranging from a few weeks to an entire year.