11 December 2016 – Amman: Marking the first anniversary of the United Nations Security Council’s resolution 2250, Generations For Peace today reaffirmed its support for the resolution, which is designed to give youth a greater voice in decision-making at all levels to counter violent extremism and build peaceful communities around the world.

Adopted by the UN Security Council on 9 December 2015, resolution 2250 recognises that young people play an important and positive role in the maintenance and promotion of international peace and security, and are crucial to the sustainability, inclusiveness and success of peace-building efforts.

Generations For Peace programmes around the world, in diverse contexts ranging from Tunisia to Sri Lanka, and from Georgia to Zimbabwe, are already implementing resolution 2250, translating the words of the resolution into grass-roots actions at the community level.

generations-for-peace-hrh-prince-feisal-jordan-amman-advanced-training-2016-samsung-at16-dead-sea-d5_gfpsprtsart-24-jpgHRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein, Founder and Chairman of Generations For Peace, said:

“As a Jordanian international NGO, Generations For Peace is extremely proud of Jordan’s leading role in the development of resolution 2250. We are delighted to mark the first anniversary of its adoption by the United Nations Security Council, and to assess our own progress. There has never been a more crucial time to help the world’s youth achieve their potential by supporting their actions and giving them a greater voice to bring positive change in their own communities. The tireless work of our own Generations For Peace volunteers, empowering youth to lead and cascade change in their communities and promoting active tolerance and responsible citizenship, is truly inspiring. The role of young people in relation to peace and security is poorly understood. Youth are critical peacebuilding partners and we must strive to support our next generation of change-makers.

Ahmad Al-Omoush, Generations For Peace’s volunteer, said:

“Generations For Peace really recognizes the potential of youth and understands how to engage with us and support us. They provide volunteers like me with the knowledge, skills, mentoring and support to address local issues of violence in my own community, and to work together with other youth as agents of positive change to reduce violence and transform conflict. We see our efforts in our community as examples of resolution 2250 in action, and contributing to the global Sustainable Development Goals. We hope we can inspire more people and organisations to support young people leading sustainable positive impact in their own communities.

As a member of the UN Working Group on Youth and Peacebuilding, Generations For Peace is participating in the official progress study on resolution 2250 and on youth’s positive contribution to peace building and conflict transformation. The findings and recommendations of the progress study will be presented to the UN Security Council, through a report of the Secretary-General, which is planned for 9 December 2017, on the second anniversary of resolution 2250.