6 February 2017 – Amman: Generations For Peace today announced a new partnership with the Niwano Peace Foundation to support programmes aimed at building tolerance and peaceful coexistence in Georgia. Activities will support positive conflict transformation amongst religious groups, mainly Christians and Muslims from Georgian, Armenian and Azeri ethnic groups.

With the support of the Japan-based Niwano Peace Foundation, Generations For Peace will initiate community initiatives and outreach events that transcend religious boundaries in order to strengthen cooperation and improve individual and community welfare and peace. This project complements and strengthens a broader volunteer-led Dialogue For Peace Programme, which utilises a unique approach developed by Generations For Peace to support community-led transformative dialogue; training, mentoring and supporting members of diverse faith communities to facilitate dialogue sessions to transform conflict relations.geo14-idsdp_dsc_0240

Commenting on the new partnership, HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein, Founder and Chairman of Generations For Peace, said: “We are very pleased to receive our first ever grant from Niwano Peace Foundation. Together we will tackle one of the most prevalent issues in Georgia, and many regions around the world. Religious conflict has been on the rise in recent years and we are working to build trust, deeper understanding, tolerance and respect amongst religious groups in conflict. Our hope is that these grassroots initiatives will have a ripple effect by publically modeling positive inter-group engagement.”

Highlighting the importance of this partnership, Tornike Chargeishvilligeo14-idsdp_dsc_0237, Generations
For Peace volunteer leading the programme in Georgia, said: “This support comes at a really important time as people are being excluded from society due to a lack of acceptance and tolerance of diverse religious beliefs. You can feel the frustration and disappointment spreading across communities, and this affects the future and development of our country. This project will help communities learn more about each other, creating a safe space for everyone to share their fears, hopes and beliefs in order to build understanding, and address differences.”

A 2015 report European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance documented an increase in incidents of religiously-motivated hate speech and violence aga