GenerationsForPeacevolunteerscelebrateInternationalPeace24 September, 2013 – Amman, Jordan: Generations For Peace Delegates and Pioneers around the world celebrated the International Day of Peace (21 September), by holding a variety of fun peace-building activities within their communities.

Generations For Peace Founder and Chairman, HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein, said: “The determination and passion for change that our Delegates and Pioneers show is truly inspirational. Our young volunteers work tirelessly to bring peace to their communities, and it is wonderful to see examples of all they are achieving around the world on this International Day of Peace.”

In Jordan, schools taking part in the Violence in Schools Programme launched their activities, with teachers and students (aged 12 to 17 years old), working together and using sport to tackle the violence in schools.

In Georgia, Generations For Peace Delegates and Pioneers organised an event centered on sport and arts-based activities to promote peace-building in their communities. This helped participants to express and learn about the importance of peace building in creative and accessible ways. The event was promoted on local TV stations and supported by local sponsors.

In Sri Lanka, Delegates and Pioneers in Trincomalee gathered together 23 Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim students from three schools for a fun-packed programme of sports-based and traditional games. This was an important milestone for the Sri Lankan Delegates and Pioneers as it was their first initiative since taking part in Generations For Peace training in August. The event was supported by local organisations in Sri Lanka.

In Nepal, Delegates celebrated the day with a peace-building session. This formed part of their ongoing Generation For Peace activities and enabled them to convey their views and thoughts by writing poems, drawing pictures, storytelling, and sharing ideas.

Together the Delegates and Pioneers showed great tenacity, focus and commitment to their ongoing programmes, ensuring that this Day of Peace leaves a lasting legacy. They consistently strive for a stable and prosperous future for all, and play a huge role in promoting peace within their home communities.