From 28-29 November 2014, the Generations For Peace Institute will hold its inaugural Forum at its headquarters in Amman, Jordan. The purpose of this Forum is to unpack community-based peace building measures and explain Generations For Peace’s approach. Particular emphasis will be placed on how GFP uses sport to transform conflict and build peace. The Forum will involve GFP volunteers and practitioners from over 20 different countries, sharing their stories, knowledge, and best practices. In other words, it is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the practical implementation of long-term peace building programmes from the people on the ground.

Generations for peace-gfpi-forum-panelists-Jordan-2014A list of selected sessions:

– Does Sport Really Help Build Peace?

– Working with Different Target Groups: Successes and Challenges

– Demystifying M&E: What Worked and What Not?

– Research: What Purpose Does it Serve?

The Forum will be opened and closed by Generations For Peace founder His Royal Highness Prince Feisal bin Al Hussein, as well as attended by local and international stakeholders. If you are not able to attend the sessions in Amman, rest assured there will be plenty of videos, summaries and blog posts available online here at our own blog, and on PCDN. Stay tuned for more information on the GFPI Forum in the coming weeks.

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