The Jordan Times – 26 Oct 2019 –  HRH Prince Feisal, founder and chairman of Generations For Peace, on Thursday honoured volunteers at the ninth annual Generations For Peace-Samsung awards ceremony.

The awards were distributed to volunteers in appreciation for their “exceptional achievements” while running peacebuilding programmes in their local communities across the world, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported on Friday.

Addressing the audience, Prince Feisal said that the work of Generations For Peace over the past 12 years has been propelled by the belief that youth are a main pillar in the process of building and preserving peace worldwide.

The prince highlighted the “relentless efforts” of the volunteers and their “steadfast dedication” to reducing violence in their local communities as a main proponent in boosting these programmes.

The awards fell into four categories, and were distributed to “drivers of change” at Generations For Peace.

The “innovation” category award was handed out to the NGO’s volunteers in Yemen, while volunteers in Nigeria won the award for “quality”. The award for “influence” was granted to volunteers in Uganda, and volunteers in Jordan won the award for “sustainability”.

Generations For Peace is a leading global non-profit peacebuilding organisation founded by Prince Feisal in 2007.

Dedicated to sustainable conflict transformation at the grassroots level, Generations For Peace empowers volunteer leaders of youth to promote active tolerance and responsible citizenship in communities experiencing different forms of conflict and violence, according to the NGO’s website.