The photo above depicts the Libya Youth Center team, including some of our very own Delegates, holding a sign inscribed with the words, “Peace for Libya”

By now, most of you will have seen our recent “I am Libya” campaign video. But perhaps you were not aware of the gravity of the current situation in Libya. If this is the case, then today’s post will hopefully shed some light on an increasingly critical situation. Please read on.

In recent weeks, Tripoli and Benghazi have witnessed numerous clashes between rival militias that show little sign of abating. The ever-increasing violence has also renewed fears that Libya is descending into widespread civil war. The consequences of the latter for a country still working to heal wounds inflicted during the Libyan Revolution of 2011 are devastating.

What does this mean for everyone? Well, no longer able to ensure their security, the situation has prompted a number of embassies, international organisations, and NGOs to withdraw their staff from the country (read more here). Furthermore, evacuations have ensued for civilians able to obtain refuge from the escalating hostilities. But those who have been left behind continue to contend with a frightening reality. There is no escape for them. Libya is their home. Their daily struggles include: electricity cuts, a lack of running water and limited medical supplies. In some cases people have lost their homes, and others…their lives.

Our GFP Delegate, Lamya Karkour, currently works with the Libya Youth Center in Tripoli and is heavily involved with our Delegates in Libya, providing invaluable support for their GFP programmes. Although Lebanese, she has been working in Libya for many years, and is also responsible for leading the admirable “I am Libya” videos. Commenting on the importance of global support, she says: “This campaign brings hope and it helps Libyans feel they are not totally forgotten by the world, since there is limited media coverage on what is really happening. Reading comments such us ‘thank you for thinking of us’ and ‘this gave me positive energy in the middle of my depressing day’, are already little successes that make this campaign worthwhile.”

The team at GFP will continue to amplify such efforts through our social media channels, hoping our actions encourage others to do the same.

Learn more about the ongoing campaign by visiting the following link… today: Libya Youth Center. We hope you will take the time to create your own videos, remembering to use the designated hashtag – #IamLibya.