We have spent much of this month focused on Generations For Peace in Jordan, but as you know this organisation works in 50 countries and territories! One such country is Indonesia.

This week, from 22-24 November 2013, our Indonesian Pioneers conducted a three-day Sport for Peace Training (SPT) in Jakarta.


What is an SPT? The purpose of a Generations For Peace Sport for Peace Training, is to train “people to be able to to run good quality sport-based games activities for children and youth of different age groups, integrating peace-building education for conflict transformation objectives.”

Selected on the basis of their commitment to community empowerment, this SPT brought together participants from the Indonesian provinces of Aceh, Jakarta, West Java, Central Sulawesi, South Sulawesi, and Banten. During the SPT, trainees were granted a combination of theory-based classroom sessions and outdoor practical sessions. As part of the practical training, the Indonesian Pioneers invited 20 school children (from ages 4-10) and asked the trainees to adapt the sport-based games they learnt to the target group.


Pioneer Fauzia Nayoan conducting a session on Working with Children


Our pioneers Diah Ayuningtyas and Agung Robianto hosting a debrief at the close of a sport-based game

About the newly trained Delegates, our Indonesian Pioneers stated, this was a “new beginning of their path as the Peace Delegates who will promote peace through Sport, Art, Dialogue, Advocacy, Empowerment in their communities.”