3 September 2015 – Amman, Jordan: Generations For Peace recently welcomed the founder of Inti Raymi Fund, David “Chimu” McGrain, to the organisation’s headquarters in Amman, Jordan. After enjoying a successful career in real estate in Texas, Chimu started the Inti Raymi Fund, and now travels the world seeking organisations and initiatives he is passionate to support.

During his stay, Chimu met volunteers and youth who participate in the Generations For Peace social cohesion programme, an initiative that aims to reduce tensions and encourage interactions among Syrian refugees and Jordanian youth in vulnerable host communities. This visit provided an opportunity for Chimu to see first-hand the difficult conditions faced and to learn more about the current support offered to youth in these host communities, where the majority of Syrian refugees in Jordan reside.

Generations-for-peace-2015-Jordan-Inti-Raymi- Fund-Amman-Jordan-HRH-Prince-Feisal-Chimu

Chimu and his wife, Elizabeth, also met Generations For Peace Founder and Chairman HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein on the last day of their visit.

HRH Prince Feisal said: “As an organisation dedicated to transforming conflict, we are committed to improving relationships in host communities, equipping youth with the necessary skills to deal with the pressures of a growing crisis. This partnership with Inti Raymi Fund will help us make more of a difference during this critical period.”

The support of Inti Raymi Fund will increase the impact of Generations For Peace work in Jordan, specifically with Jordanian and Syrian youth in host communities. Inti Raymi Fund also made a second generous donation to support improved communication of the organisation’s impact, with a specific focus on work in Lebanon.