The Youth Media Program Jeel01

The Youth Media Program (Jeel01) aims to create a sustainable youth-led media platform, to showcase youth voices, surface youth ideas and solutions, and champion youth causes to advance positive alternative narratives.   

Implemented by Generations For Peace (GFP) with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Jordan, the program uses a multichannel-multiformat approach to reach, attract, engage, and influence young people, communities, stakeholders, and institutions across Jordan through a variety of innovative new formats and channels such as podcasts, visual episodes, a dramatized series, research and blog posts, on a range of thematic issues determined based on Focus Group Discussions conducted at the inception phase of the program.  

As part of the program, GFP Institute will train and mentor 18 youth voices to collaborate on writing short policy-reflective thought-leadership papers to inform and inspire other youth and institutional stakeholders around the thematic areas, which include climate action entrepreneurship mental health and youth sport in development arts in development Youth civic engagement and political participation, the media, gender and gender-based violence, Inclusion, Child protection.