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“Kindness is the golden chain by which society is bound together” – Johann Wolfgang Van Goethe.

The Amman Camp 2013 has come to an end and many of us are still recovering from the amazing experience. But while the Camp is behind us, the memories we made along the way need not be forgotten. There were a lot of memorable moments over the course of the ten days, however some were more touching and more demonstrative of the Generations For Peace ideals than others. One such example is that of Lamya Karkour.

To make the sessions easier and more comprehensive for our wonderful Libyan Delegates, Lamya acted as translator, mentor, and friend. Despite her not being a translator by profession, she worked tirelessly to make the training accessible to her fellow Delegates. Lamya was one of the many gems we were fortunate to have at the Generations For Peace Amman Camp. She aided her colleagues because she wanted them to learn – she demonstrated genuine kindness with no expectation of reward.

Thank you Lamya!
And thank you to our Libyan Delegates for making this beautiful tribute.