Malaka Samara

In 2013 Generations For Peace (GFP) announced a call to action in celebration of the International Day of Peace, encouraging Pioneers and Delegates to create a video that depicts their Peace Journey and highlights the work they are doing to transform conflict in their local communities. The participants who received the most ‘likes’ on GFP’s main Facebook page were granted an opportunity to avail of an online course of their choosing, which would further their personal Peace Journey.

Malaka Samara, a GFP Pioneer from Palestine, received the most ‘likes’ in her category and was a deserving recipient of the course, Preventing Violence Against Women and Gender Inequality in Peacekeeping. Describing the content of this course she said: “It has enriched me with many new definitions, expression theories, information, strategies, and procedures about the relationship between violence and gender inequality.” Malaka benefitted a great deal from this opportunity and believes the reward deserves considerable recognition.

Malaka has since participated in continuing education offerings related to her work, and was recently awarded further courses with a focus on Globalisation and Interfaith Studies as well as Conflict Resolution and Risk Management Studies. Emphasising the impact this has had on her life, Malaka said: “I am gaining a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge that empowers me and my way of thinking, and it has really taken me to a wonderful world that is full with amazing education and powerful knowledge.”

(Video: The entry Malaka submitted in 2013)