12 June 2017 – Amman, Jordan: Generations For Peace today announced a new partnership with Manaseer Group, which will add crucial support to Generations For Peace programmes in schools and youth centres throughout Jordan, promoting youth leadership and resilience, to strengthen social cohesion and reduce violence.

Manaseer Group, the Jordan-based holding company, is a brand recognised nation-wide, and this partnership furthers Manaseer Group’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and local communities, with a special focus on empowering youth to lead activities in Governorates throughout Jordan. Manaseer Group’s support is a boost to Generations For Peace’s expanding activities in more than 100 schools and youth centres in Jordan.

Mr. Ziad Al Manaseer, Chairman, Manaseer Group, said: “We are very happy to support the important work of Generations For Peace in schools and youth centres across Jordan. We are impressed to see that their innovative activities to engage youth are delivering concrete results. Together, Generations For Peace and Manaseer Group, are looking to the future and building stronger communities by focusing on youth leadership, community empowerment, active tolerance and responsible citizenship.”

Dr. Mohanned Arabiat, The newly appointed president of Generations For Peace, said “Manaseer’s Group support is an example of the Jordanian private sector taking corporate social responsibility seriously and leveraging the expertise of local non-governmental organisations, such as Generations For Peace. Through this partnership, more Jordanian youth throughout Jordan will have the opportunity to work within their communities and to acquire skills that will help them become more active citizens.”

This partnership builds on a smaller pilot partnership in 2016 in which Manaseer Group supported the 2016 Generations For Peace Samsung Advanced Training. Generations For Peace programmes work in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth, the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development, and UNICEF.