Nepal Field Research Visit – 2013

In August 2013, Sairah Yusuf (Monitoring and Evaluation Officer) and Vishnupriya Das (Oxford Summer Field Researcher), travelled to Nepal to conduct field research for the Generations For Peace Institute. At a later stage, Dinesha Suppiah (Programme Officer) also arrived in Nepal to aid the local Delegates in planning for future programmes.

One of the locations the staff visited was Kathmandu, with the main purpose of their presence being to evaluate the ongoing Dialogue For Peace Programme. This programme was aimed at reducing divides between university students from different political parties. In order to further understand what conflict the target group felt was most pressing in their community, Vishnupriya employed the use of participatory video (as seen in the above clip). The use of this approach allowed her to comprehend the various changes the participants had experienced in their lives, as a result of the GFP programme.

While in Nepal, the team also made their way to Gorshadi, a small village in the Nawalparasi District, south of Kathmandu. In Gorshadi, both Sairah and Vishnupriya evaluated the impact of a Sport For Peace Event that had been held in March 2013. A Sport For Peace Event, most often used at the start of a programme, is intended to show people a demonstration of GFP sport-based games in action. In Gorshadi, the main objective of this event was to empower the local women in the village through the use of sport-based games.

Although participatory video was the most utilised approach in Kathmandu, during their time in Gorshadi, the Generations For Peace team used more traditional methods of data gathering, such as short interviews and surveys.

The video above depicts examples of participatory video which Vishnupriya organised during her research. Check out her YouTube channel for more examples from participants in Nepal and Sri Lanka.