Paul’s desire to see peace prevail in his country is rooted in his childhood. With his family he suffered from the consequences of a decades long war facing death many times. Despite many difficult challenges his drive for peace has never faded.

Over the years, Paul has worked as a humanitarian activist with refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs) across the territory of what is now South Sudan and Sudan.

Together with other volunteers, Paul implemented a series of programmes targeting children from both north and south – theirs was the first programme that united children from the two parts of what was then Sudan. As a true peace builder, Paul is now continuing his work in South Sudan, helping to promote better co-existence amongst ethnicities, tribes and communities separated by conflict but united in the youngest country in the world.

You have to be a strong believer in peace building to be able to work for peace in societies plagued by conflict. I made a vow with myself that for the remainder of my life, I will build peace in whatever way I can, no matter what it takes.


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