A highly motivated and dedicated volunteer, Tornike is passionate about building peace in communities in Georgia.

His programmes have targeted internally displaced youth and refugees, and younger children, fostering teamwork and leadership, as well as responsible citizenship and community service.

Attending the Generations For Peace Advanced Training in 2012, Tornike gained more advanced techniques and knowledge necessary for ensuring greater impact and sustainability, and shared and exchanged his own experiences, success stories and challenges with other Pioneers from around the world.

Generations For Peace is a unique chance, a unique opportunity for you to improve yourself, to try your best to improve your society and empower people around you to promote active tolerance and responsible citizenship, and peace!

The values, mission and vision which are making Generations For Peace so unique, were very inspiring for the young leaders that took part in the activities. I felt a lot of energy and motivation to continue work with Generations For Peace and to keep ʼPassing it onʼ.

Tornike Charageishvili black and white
Tornike Chargeishvili

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