Zahid works with IDPs in the Jalozai Camp, implementing a series of peace-building programmes reaching more than 15,000 children.

Families in the camp, mostly headed by women, come from different tribes, and therefore the camp represents a microcosm of the broader inter-tribal and inter-ethnic conflict in the region.

Zahid’s adaptive approach, mixing fun and play for children with health education for mothers, built trust with families and eventually gained him access to the tribal chiefs and an ability to begin the “real work” of peace building: bringing adults together to discuss their hopes and dreams for children, breaking down stereotypes and building bridges between the different tribal groups.

We are trying to impart the values of Generations For Peace, especially active tolerance and responsible citizenship, in the next generation that has the potential to become the next generation of terrorists and militants.

I believe in the power of sport and games as a tool for peace, to address stereotypes and build trust.

Zahid Johnson black and white
Zahid Johnson

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