In a country where inter-ethnic tension is high, Zhanyl and her fellow volunteers facilitate the active participation of youth in society, with the aim of ensuring that they understand the key role they can play in community strengthening efforts.

Zhanyl learned about conflict transformation and peace building at Generations For Peace training, held in Karakol in 2012. Since that time, she has remained dedicated to building greater trust and increasing cooperation between students from different ethnic backgrounds through Sport For Peace programmes.

Zhanyl is inspired by the changes she sees in society, and witnessing these positive transformations continues to drive her forward as a highly motivated and dedicated peace builder.

“Our activities are so popular, they really bring youth together across different social divides, building mutual understanding and peace through sport-based games and fun activities together.”


Zhanyl Mamunkulova
Delegate, Kyrgyzstan

I volunteer because it is my passion. I've always wanted to share my knowledge with younger generations, and I'm proud to see positive changes in myself, the participating students and my community.


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