By Mark Clark, CEO 

The ranking of “Top 500 NGOs in the World” was recently published by Global_Geneva. (In 2012 and 2013 The Global Journal published a “Top 100” ranking but they have now expanded it to “Top 500” for 2015 under Global_Geneva).

According to their philosophy, “by ranking NGOs, Global Geneva seeks to:

Showcase the diversity and scale of organizations encompassed under the ‘NGO’ label (ultimate objective) for readers both familiar and unfamiliar with the sector.

Evaluate NGOs comparatively, not limited by geography or activity, and according to specific criteria (impact, innovation and sustainability).

Stimulate constructive debate around questions and issues affecting the ‘NGO’ sector, whether they be internal, sectoral, or global.

Present a range of good NGO practices so that sector-wide trends can be observed on a year-to-year basis through annual rankings.”

In the words of Jean-Christophe Nothias, Editor of the ‘Top 500 NGOs’ list: “It was a flash of audacity the non-profit world somehow came to accept….[My] idea was to try see non-profits in terms of impact, innovation, and sustainability, values that themselves don’t differ greatly from the core principles of any well-managed for-profit organization. Over the last three years, I’ve become more confident that these three values generate criteria which show us not just how many pounds of rice, how many vaccines, or how many volunteers tally under a given NGO, but the full scope of an NGO’s operations—from vision to communications to leadership, and much else besides—and allow us to evaluate the NGO as a whole.”

The ranking’s three criteria resonate strongly within Generations For Peace, because they match three of our four “Drivers of Change”, which we set our focus on since 2011: “Innovation, Quality, Impact and Sustainability”. In so many ways, this is the secret behind our success and achievements.

In 2013 Generations For Peace was ranked #94 in the World. That was an incredible result for an organisation just 6 years after being founded. In the new 2015 ranking, we are now ranked #32 in the World!

As Nothias explained: “Generations For Peace has walked the walk in a very, very short period of time. We were just so impressed. The ‘Top 500 NGOs’ is a very competitive ranking and many NGOs previously ranked have gone down the ladder. Generations For Peace has moved up, from #94 to #32; the second-biggest progress of all. This ranking recognises Generations For Peace’s management, relative size, expansion and impact, and the overall philosophy of the very local anchoring approach.”

Generations For Peace is now the 2nd-highest-ranked peace-building organisation on the list, and the only Jordanian NGO in the Top 100.

I cannot overstate how important this recognition is. It’s incredibly powerful for our communications to our Donors and Partners. Their reaction to the news has been tremendously positive, and since strong partnerships were a key measure for the sustainability factor, we have been stressing that we share this success with them all.

But above all, it’s a massive motivational boost for all our Delegates and Pioneers and all our staff. It strengthens their credibility and status in their communities and their relationships with local partners, and makes them feel 3 metres feet tall! And it’s a wonderful validation of their incredible hard word and determination in the face of immense challenges.

These reactions themselves are a powerful force for good, because Generations For Peace is nothing with the dedication of our volunteers, and the support of our Donors and Partners.

The ranking tells us we are doing something right! Keeping our focus on our four “Drivers of Change”, we can be sure of more success to come!

We have many exciting things coming up in 2015, including new publications from the GFP Institute, our first Dialogue For Peace Trainings, and ongoing programmes in more than 24 countries. Sign up for our new e-newsletter to hear the latest on our work.