Our 28 volunteers arrived at the GFP HQ bright and early for the first day of the Refresher Workshop. To begin with, our Lead Pioneer Facilitator, Safiya Ibn Garba, presented the Pioneer Incentive Programme which detailed how our volunteers are recognised, as well as highlighting specialised training available to them. This was followed by some brief introductions to the HQ staff.

Once learning outcomes for the day were established it was on to speed networking, not unlike speed dating, this activity granted everyone a chance to get to know one another better as they embark on this five-day intensive training.


Mini recaps:

Pioneer Facilitator, Zahid Johnson, discussed the core skills of a volunteer with the participants. During the Generations For Peace Volunteer session everyone completed a self-reflection task, where they assessed their skills on a scale of 1-7 (1 representing low competency and 7 very high competency). This afforded everyone an opportunity to consider the core skills they need to strengthen in order to increase the likelihood of success within their own programmes.

Salwa Abdel Wahed, also a Pioneer Facilitator, led the next session, Volunteers and Their Community. During this, the participants explored the various roles within a community and discussed what ties them together.

The afternoon schedule comprised of sessions regarding Conflict, Violence, Peace and Peace Building, as well as Conflict Analysis. This was followed by the Theory of Change, (more on this topic here) which was facilitated by our Pioneer Facilitator, Tornike Chargeishvili.

Today was packed with informative content and marked a great start to the workshop. Keep an eye out for more photos and posts on our energetic and interactive Sport and Art For Peace activities tomorrow!

Photo of the Day:


Tornike demonstrating a musical activity he enjoys! Can you guess what it is?