February 19, 2013 – Amman, Jordan: Rotary Club of Amman–Jerash welcomed Generations For Peace (GFP) Chief Executive Officer, Mark Clark to speak at a seminar entilted “Peace for Future Generations” as part of a series of cultural activities and events that aim to raise awareness and knowledge of Rotary members and their guests about different global and international issues.

Clark thanked Rotary Club President, Ms. Rana Dababneh for hosting this event, and noted the shared values of volunteerism and peace through service, promoted by both GFP and Rotary. Clark spoke broadly about the mission and vision of GFP as well as the concept of sustainable peace, and the importance of empowering young leaders to lead change to transform conflict in communities. GFP’s world-class curriculum, unique cascading model and mentoring support is empowering a growing number of volunteers, eager to have a positive impact on their communities. GFP’s research, in partnership with Georgetown University and University of Oxford, is driving innovation and development, and proving the impact and sustainability of this approach

Dababneh commented on the event: “We are delighted to hold this seminar with Generations For Peace as we both share the same goals that have a big positive impact on our society.”

GFP has collaborated with Rotary in Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Lebanon, and the Russian Federation, and looks forward to collaborating with Rotary Club of Amman-Jerash on activities in Jordan.