In August of 2013 some of our Generations For Peace Headquarters staff embarked on a Field Research Visit to Sri Lanka. This visit was unlike previous field visits as it had three different agendas:
The GFP Programmes Department, represented by Dinesha Suppiah and Safiya Ibn Garba, travelled to Sri Lanka in order to arrange and execute a Sport for Peace Training. This training was intended to equip Sri Lankan Delegates with the skills necessary to host the upcoming Sport For Peace Programme. Safiya and Pioneer Facilitator Zohra Nisar Hunzai conducted sessions on conflict transformation, facilitation, Sport For Peace and other GFP priority skills. During her time in Sri Lanka, Dinesha also took the time to solidify partnerships in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka and set the stage for future GFP programmes in the region.

The group of Sri Lankan Delegates participating in the Sport For Peace Training

The Generations For Peace Institute team included staff member Sairah Yusuf, Oxford Summer Field Researcher Vishnupriya Das,  and the current Oxford PhD scholar, Alex Hamilton. From the research end, this visit was interesting because it assessed the impact of GFP programming by using a relatively new technique: participatory video. Vishnupriya used participatory video methods to understand the conflict context in the region; through participatory video she worked with people from the partner organisation (Community Development Organisation – CDO) and children from Killinochchi and Mullaitivu (the towns in which the GFP programme would be conducted). Alex conducted interviews as part of longer-term PhD research in northern Sri Lanka.
And lastly, the Marketing and Communications Department sent a photographer (Richard Juilliart) to take pictures of capture the situation on the ground in Sri Lanka.

Not only was the Field Research Visit incredibly informative for all the Headquarters staff involved, it granted the Delegates in Sri Lanka the face-to-face mentoring and support they need to run GFP Programmes effectively. About the volunteers Sairah stated, “They were very enthusiastic about Generations For Peace, quick to learn, keen, and willing to overcome various barriers of language and location to come together for the purpose of this training – this type of dedication is exactly what we look for in our volunteers.”


Vishnupriya Das editing a participatory video with a volunteer