Ahmad Alqurashi

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning Officer. 

Ahmad joined Generations for Peace (GFP) in November 2023 and currently serves as a Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) Officer. 

In his role, Ahmad supports the creation and design of innovative quantitative and qualitative monitoring and evaluation frameworks and tools for GFP’s peacebuilding interventions, intended to project GFP as a leader in grassroot participatory monitoring and evaluation of peacebuilding programming.   

Ahmad contributes to providing technical support to each programme’s team, thereby strengthening programmes implementation and quality, conducting evaluations, and ensuring alignment with the standards of both GFP and the donors. He also provides support regarding the development and adaptation of monitoring and evaluation processes. 

Ahmad holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology (BIT), from the University of Jordan. Throughout his undergraduate journey, he delved into the dynamic intersection of business processes and information systems. Armed with a solid foundation from his studies, Ahmad gained expertise in diverse areas, including business analytics, database management, programming, and project management.  

Ahmad is passionate about football, billiards, and reading. Whether he’s enjoying a game of football or testing his skills at the pool table, these activities keep him active and engaged in his free time. Reading, too, holds a special place in his heart, offering a quiet escape into different worlds and perspectives.