Ashraf Farag

Programmes Consultant

Ashraf Faraj first joined the Generations For Peace family in 2017 and worked as an International Programmes Coordinator for three years. He then re-joined the team in 2023 as a Programmes Consultant. His current responsibilities include supporting the implementation of international and local programmes, building partnerships with local organisations, and refining the skills of volunteers in programme design, execution, monitoring, and evaluation. Ashraf provides significant assistance to the Institutional Learning Department by supporting horizontal learning, knowledge exchange, team capacity-building, and ensuring the quality implementation of programmes at Generations For Peace.

Ashraf holds the Jordan Board Certificate in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. He received a scholarship from the Yemeni government for outstanding students in both undergraduate and board degrees. He is one of the young leaders who participated in the Lazord Fellowship Programme ‘The Visionary Leader” in the Middle East and North Africa and won the regional research competition organised by Lazord Fellowship in Tunisia in 2018.

In his research experience, Ashraf conducted studies on gender equity in education in Yemen. In his first journey with Generations For Peace, Ashraf led the programme implementation in several countries, including Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Palestine and Yemen. He excelled in fostering strong partnerships with donors and local organizations in the countries he was assigned to.