Ayed Wraikat

Senior Logistics Officer

Ayed has been a member of Generations of Peace since it was founded in 2007. He serves as Logistics Officer and assists in overseeing transportation and security for the organisation. His responsibilities include managing the security of the NGO’s headquarters facilities, as well as organising transportation and logistics, including the clearance of employee transactions and permits.

Ayed from the village of Abu Nusair in Jordan. Prior to joining Generations For Peace, he worked with the Jordanian Olympic Committee, where he first learned of GFP and was chosen to come on board in the then-new organisation. His journey from the beginning with GFP is a source of pride for Ayed. It, of course, falls only under his pride in his family, which consists of his wife and four children.

When not at the office, Ayed enjoys spending his time with his family – with whom he finds true joy. He loves his life in Jordan. “The sweetest thing in life is Jordan, and the most beautiful are its people.”