Hadeel Qatamin

Senior Researcher 

Hadeel joined Generations for Peace (GFP) in November 2023 and currently serves as a Senior Researcher at the Generations For Peace Institute (GFPI).  

In her position, Hadeel is responsible for developing, leading on, coordinating and implementing high-quality cutting-edge interdisciplinary research in conflict transformation, youth development, and peacebuilding.  

Hadeel works closely with the GFP Programmes and Communications Departments to design, disseminate, and implement evidence-based, action, and participatory research. 

Holding a Master’s degree in Architectural Engineering from the University of Jordan, Hadeel’s research interests include spatial justice, participatory planning, sustainable development, and youth development. 

As Hadeel believes in the power of research in the advancement of society, she developed her skills in academic, social, and action research. In 2022, she started working as a Research Associate for Tammey for Youth Development and Monitoring and Evaluation Expert for BORDA WesCa. Before that she worked for ARDD as a Research Officer and for the WANA Institute as a Communications Officer and Research Assistant. She is a Lazord Fellowship Alumna 2018/2019 and Local Pathways Fellowship Alumna 2023. Eager to spread scientific thinking among Jordanian society, Hadeel volunteered for a year in Phi Science Institute. She is also interested in increasing the amount of online scientific content in Arabic. She has written and proofread hundreds of articles for various Arabic websites, such as the Arabic political encyclopedia and Mawdoo3. 

Hadeel is a member of the Jordanian Forum for Environmental Planning, the Green Building Committee at the Jordanian Engineers’ Association, and the WADI Association for Sustainable Ecosystem Development.   

In her free time, Hadeel enjoys reading, hiking, and connecting with nature.