Hala Al-Shooha

Senior Programmes Officer


Hala joined Generations for Peace in March 2022. Currently serves as a Senior Programmes Officer – Climate Action. In her position, she leads the management of the Jordan Youth Climate Action Programme, which will follow the logic of climate sensitivity through climate literacy and climate responsibility. Her responsibilities include contributing to the financial planning, budgeting, and reporting processes to ensure the success of the programme. Hala works closely with the GFP-Institute to support the development of the climate action curriculum localized to the Jordanian context.

Originally from Jordan, Hala is an architect who holds a master’s degree in Spatial Planning from the German Jordanian University. Her master’s research focused on urban climate change vulnerability assessment: physical and social analytical approach for climate-resilient urban development, and her case study was Amman city. Hala has participated in national, regional, and international conferences, trainings, and workshops and she gained two scholarships to attend regional summer schools related to dialogues on urban development to combat climate change and civic engagement in urban sustainable development.

Throughout her environmental urban planning career, Hala worked as an urban analyst on the Urban Recovery Framework Project, focusing on an area-based analysis of cities across Syria to understand how cities are functioning, and residents cope during and in the aftermath of the Syrian conflict. She also worked as a Projects Coordinator with the Jordan Green Building Council to promote the green buildings, green built environment movement, and best practices in Jordan and the region. Also, she was hired as a consultant to develop a booklet addressing the guidelines for green affordable housing and creating a green buildings assessment tool for this type of housing. Believing in the importance of voluntary work, Hala has been volunteering with different institutions focusing on behavioural change toward environmental conservation issues.

In her free time Hala practices kickboxing, hiking, manual pottery making and embroidery.