Heba Ebbini

Senior Human Resources Officer

Heba joined Generations For Peace in August 2019 as a Senior Human Resources Officer. In this role, she manages all HR-related tasks, including planning, delivering, and maintaining a high-quality and efficient HR strategy to attract, develop, inspire, and retain the right people with the right skills to support GFP’s international peacebuilding efforts. She also supports in building the team’s overall capacity by assisting with training and development opportunities.

Originally from Jordan, Heba studied Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering at the Jordan University of Science and Technology. Before joining GFP, Heba worked with Save the Children as a Human Resources and Child Safeguarding Team Leader. In this role, she led all HR-related functions and ensured compliance with evolving job-related global standards, policies, and practices. She also was a part of the team that started the first response interventions to the Syrian Refugee camps in Jordan in 2011, serving children and their families by ensuring they were aware of their rights to receive health care, education, and protection from violence and abuse.

Dedicated to raising awareness about child protection and safeguarding measures, Heba is also a Child Safeguarding Specialist. Her work with many international organisations and advocacy efforts have given her the opportunity to attend conferences and workshops around the world, including the India, Syria, Tanzania, Turkey, and United Kingdom.

Heba is a strong believer that we must invest in children today as they will become the leaders of tomorrow. As a result, she dedicates her free time to volunteering with numerous organisations to design and deliver creative, engaging, and useful activities for children.