Lina Nasereddin

Development and Partnerships Manager 

Lina joined Generations for Peace (GFP) in January 2024 and currently serves as a Development and Partnerships Manager.   

In her position, Lina leads and develops the Fundraising Department to secure and diversify funding to fuel GFP’s sustainable growth and development. She also leads grant proposal writing, designing, and implementing GFP’s fundraising strategy with an emphasis on proposal and report development, review, and coordination.  

In her position, Lina works closely with the senior management to identify, and engage prospective donors and partners. She also works closely with the Fundraising, Programmes, Institutional Learning, Support Services, Finance, Communications Departments, as well as the GFP Institute (GFPI), and GFP Delegates and Pioneers, to deliver carefully tailored, timely proposals and reports. 

Lina earned a Master’s degree in Data analytics from Nova Southeastern University, as a Fulbright Scholar. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the Jordan University of Science and Technology. 

Lina spent 12 years progressing through various positions at the humanitarian sector in UNRWA and iMMAP responding to Gaza and Yemen crises, and in the private sector at Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Microsoft. During her time at iMMAP, she actively engaged with donors to secure funding and support for projects involving UNICEF, UN-Habitat, and USAID.  

Her project’s standout feature was the Urban Profiling for Yemen, which produced documents assessing living conditions and needs across multiple sectors, emphasising the effects of conflict on the population and institutional service provision.  

For nearly ten years, Lina was instrumental to the Ambassadors for Dialogue programme, serving as a volunteer and a junior trainer, fostering international and local dialogue, challenging stereotypes, and championing gender equality. She coordinated the Gender Club initiative, enhancing online Arabic content on gender issues and uniting activists. Additionally, she served as a Board Member of the Free Thought Forum (FTF), promoting liberal values, civic engagement, and political empowerment for youth. 

Lina enjoys reading, sports, travelling, and is a devoted foodie.