Rayya Al Muheisen

Communications Coordinator 

Rayya joined Generations For Peace (GFP) in 2024, she serves as a Communications Coordinator.  

In her role, Rayya’s focus lies in developing inventive and compelling English communications, along with delivering top-notch content. Her efforts contribute to the facilitation of knowledge sharing and the enhancement of stakeholder engagement. Rayya demonstrates exceptional skills in crafting stories centred around human experiences to inspire positive behavioural change among various target audiences. 

Rayya plays a vital role in leading and actively participating in communication-led programmes, while also providing support to volunteers involved in media-related programmes.  

Rayya holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Jordan. Prior to joining GFP, she worked as a local News Reporter for The Jordan Times newspaper for three years, where she made significant contributions to the coverage and analysis of local events. Her experience as a journalist has honed her storytelling skills and provided her with a deep understanding of effective communication strategies. This background enriches her role at GFP, allowing her to bring a unique perspective to the creation of impactful and resonant content.  

Beyond her professional commitments, Rayya actively volunteers to support local initiatives, with a particular focus on projects dedicated to persons with disabilities and youth. She dedicates her time to assisting these initiatives in effectively communicating their messages and establishing connections with stakeholders, ensuring that the voices of these marginalised groups are not only acknowledged but also heard, such as Masmou3 initiative for individuals with hearing impairment and Safron cultivating initiative in Karak.  

Outside of her professional endeavors, Rayya finds joy in exploring the captivating landscapes of Jordan. Whether trekking and hiking or simply enjoying the outdoors. Additionally, Rayya channels her energy into the practice of Muay Thai.