Razan Taha

Capacity and Programmes Development Manager

Razan joined Generations For Peace in February 2021 as Master Trainer and Curriculum Developer. In this role, she is responsible for delivering trainings that develop new or existing facilitators and improving their knowledge and skills on transferrable life skills related to children and adolescent development and protection. She also contributes to and contextualises existing trainings’ toolkits and developing curriculum when needed in consultation with programme partners.

Razan earned her Bachelor’s degree in Translation, Arts, and Modern Languages from the University of Petra. She has completed her formal education and practice in many different areas, including the English language, arts, translation, professional development in early childhood – working with young children, youth development and empowerment, and coaching and mentoring – complementing her years of practical experience.

Prior to joining the GFP HQ team, Razan served as a GFP Delegate in 2008 and a Facilitator within the organisation’s Programmes Department supporting the Maharati and Nashatati Programmes. She also has previous experience working within governmental bodies and the UN system that has helped her generate in-depth knowledge of the local setting, institutions and partners, and the ability to drive results for the sake of children, young people, and women. Her experiences have varied between project management, M&E, curriculum development, capacity building, as well as coaching and mentoring with a focus on children, young people, and women in the areas of protection, education, well-being and mental health, skills building, and engagement.

In her spare time, Razan likes to read and spend time with her family and friends.