Rima Al-Qazzaz

Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Rima is Senior Programmes Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at Generations For Peace. She completed her BA in Modern Languages (Spanish & English) and started working as a kindergarten teacher. Later, Rima applied for the AECID scholarship to study “Sustainable Development” in Madrid. She was accepted to the MA programme and cites this as a main success in her life to date as well as a stepping stone to her work in the development field in Jordan.

Rima previously worked at the Jordan River Foundation; specifically, at the Jordan River Community Empowerment Programme (JRCEP), which focuses on improving the livelihoods of local and underprivileged communities in Jordan through empowering individuals especially women, youth and communities. Rima was first hired as a report writer, but then moved on to become a monitoring and evaluation officer. Her role at the foundation involved working closely with the team to better understand the technical, operational, and financial aspects of the projects within this programme. Her role also included conducting extensive field visits to programme projects to regularly document and monitor progress on the ground. In 2013, Rima was promoted to the position of senior monitoring and evaluation officer.

Rima believes that working at Generations For Peace will develop her capacity to give back to the community, both professionally and personally, make lasting and positive contributions. She hopes to see that for some people, in some places, the world is a better place because of something she was part of. In addition, Rima believes that societal efforts contribute toward making the world a better place and that this is the premise of Generations For Peace.